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Bev Miner takes a practical approach to education. Bev's greatest desire has been to help kids learn to read. Her over 30 years in education, mostly as a reading specialist, has shown her what works and what doesn't. She has turned this knowledge into apps, speeches, and now books.


Bev has a Masters in Education with an Emphasis on Literacy, so she undestands the theory behind good reading instruction. But more importantly, her experience working with Title I students, often as a Reading Recovery teacher, has shown how to "create readers" of thousands of students over her career.


As the Vice President of Content at BugbrainED, she has supervised the development and publication of over 30 apps. Many of these focus on Reading, while others teach Math skills. The crowning jewel in the BugbrainED apps is Bev's "Student Reading Analysis" app, which quickly analyzes a student's reading and then instantly prescribes effective interventions.


Bev spoke at the 2017 Title I Conference on Raising Reading Results. Watch the 26 minute video.


Now Bev has become an author. Her first book, being a teacher novel called "Teaching with Principals". Follow the Protagonist, Barb, as she navigates the experiences of working with a range of principals.


She is also working on a non-fiction book titled "Raising Reading Results" , which  goes in to great detail on what works in helping students to read.

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