-Pre-K ABC's-

The Pre-K ABC educational app will help your child practice and learn the ABC’s.  This comprehensive approach is highly interactive and based on choice. The letter and corresponding sound (short sound for vowels) is given along with words that start with that letter. A fun song is included with each letter. All the objects that represent letters have been carefully chosen. This low cost app is based on the Share The Secret Program, which has helped preschoolers and kindergarteners learn their ABC’s for many years.  Help your child keep up or catch up to their peers.


This app was written by teachers for teachers, as well as parents.  It will target individual needs. This app easily integrates into a pre-school program, and can be used individually or in centers. Knowledge of the alphabet, sounds of these letters and writing these letters composes some of the most important skills a child can have prior to reading.

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