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BugbrainED Student Scores Tracking System (SSTS)


Free for a limited time

We have completed testing of the BugbrainED SSTS and have decided to make it available for free. Teachers are allowed to sign up an unlimited number of students. Bugbrained LLC reserves the right to begin charging for this service at any time in the future.


Use the BugbrainED online Student Scores Tracking System (SSTS) to track your students’ scores in nearly all the BugbrainED apps. The same database will track student progress regardless of the device they are using.


It’s easy to signup:

Just sign up once for the students you want to track for any number of BugbrainED apps. Once enrolled as a teacher, you will be prompted to enter your student’s login, which can be anything you want. That’s it. You’re setup!


Then, within each app, select the Login option and put in your teacher ID and Student ID that you setup. After the first login, the student’s name using the app will appear on the Menu. If a different student is going to use the app, just have them press the Login button and login. The new student’s scores will be brought in for that app and they can start where they left off.


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